A Day Filled with Wholesome Goodness…

The primary concern of all parents is the wellbeing of their children: physical, mental, emotional, and nutritional. I am a strong believer in introducing healthy and nutritious foods in the early stages of children’s lives and protecting them from unhealthy foods.

Childhood nutrition is so important! Introducing children to healthy options at a young age gives them a solid foundation to build healthy habits for a lifetime. A healthy lifestyle helps prevent obesity and diabetes, which are growing epidemics among children in recent years.

Introducing young children to unhealthy foods can lead to a lifetime of food addiction and cravings of harmful substances such as excessive sugar or salt. Moreover, unhealthy foods will start to replace the nutritious foods in their diets that provide the nutrients that they need to grow. When children don’t get the nutrients that their bodies need, their immune systems can become weak and make them prone to illnesses, infections and bad oral hygiene.

Some people may argue that kids may be missing out on enjoying delicious snacks if they eat healthy foods. However, there are many nutritious options that can be delicious as well! I’ve attached a sample menu below for delicious snacks for children that prioritizes not only the health of their growing bodies, but also appeals to their picky taste buds.

Just like we teach our kids how to crawl, walk, and talk, it is also our responsibility to teach our kids how to eat healthy and keep their bodies strong!

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