Garam Masala-A South Asian Secret

Garam Masala is a very common Pakistani/Indian ingredient that you find in a number of South Asian recipes! Garam Masala is a combination of 8 ground spices that has a unique flavor & a distinctive aroma. Having a home made fresh batch at hand makes it all the more better!

White Cumin Seeds- 1 cup
Whole Black Pepper – 1/2 cup
Cloves – 1/4 cup
Big Cardamom – 12 whole
Small Cardamom – 25 whole
Nutmeg (remove the shell) – 1 whole
Mace – 1 Tbsp
Cinnamon – 12 sticks (1 inch each)

Place all ingredients in a bowl
Heat the ingredients in the microwave for 1 minute
Let the mix cool down
Blend the ingredients
Use a sieve to sift the ingredients
Your Garam Masala is ready for use to make delicious recipes! It can be stored dry at room temperature.

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