I said YES!

I have been thinking about what was holding me back? Then I realized it was ME. Did I really want it bad enough? If yes, then why am I not trying hard enough? I was holding myself back because I was afraid to FAIL.

I only fail when I don’t try.

I will never know the results unless I do the action. If I succeed then I reached my goal! But if I don’t reach my goals, at least I know I am not a quitter. Either way I can do my happy dance!

Proving myself wrong and going above and beyond
Running my first 10K in 2016
Expressing my raw thoughts on this blog (I am not a writer and it doesn’t have to be perfect)
Experimenting without always seeking perfection
What will you say YES to?

This post is first a reminder to myself and then to my readers. So if you know me then please feel free to hold me accountable to my own words. That will be very much appreciated! 🙂

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