My Plate vs. My Plate

I know it’s not easy nor is it fun to count calories – you just want to enjoy the meal! USDA came out with the My Plate few years ago and I believe it is a great guide to eating healthy. It gives a quick visual of how our plate should look to be on the right track. It teaches us to enjoy a variety of foods in proper portions!

I decided to compare USDA My Plate with my plate. This is what it means to “Eat Right,Your Way, Every Day” – enjoy your cultural foods in moderation!

Made half my plate fruits and vegetables
1/4 of the plate was karhai chicken (lean protein) – popular dish in South Asian culture
1/4 plate was nan – bread common in South Asian culture
Dairy – I did not have it at lunch but I did at breakfast
What one change would I try to make next time?

Make my bread whole grain
Theme for National Nutrition Month 2013 is “Eat Right,Your Way, Every Day

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